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WhiteHype is a diverse, progressive creative agency with an old school work ethic.

Who we are

Established in 2013 by two good friends, WhiteHype was set up with two things in mind: inspiring design and hard graft. Today, we’re an independent creative agency and have grown into a curious, talented and driven team with a variety of specialisms and backgrounds. We work to attract like-minded clients with one main focus – producing designs that amplify existing brands and ensure new ones are noticed.

What we do

We inspire, captivate and give leverage above the crowd to connect your brand with the right people. Partnering with a diverse range of businesses, from boutique start-ups to global super-brands, we produce artfully designed solutions that are relevant in an ever changing landscape. From strategy and design, to copywriting and photography, we deliver all-encompassing campaigns for a range of clients.

How we work

We collaborate, build trust and always deliver on our commitments; that’s exactly what helps us form lasting relationships. We know the importance of design in business, it’s what transforms a business into a brand, and it gives that brand a story. So, we start every project with solid research, analysis and pertinent questioning before we start to explore and push boundaries through our creative concepts.

An ambient photo of work going on in the WhiteHype studio
An ambient photo of notes being taken in the WhiteHype studio
1440 x 720 sizing image