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A diverse, ideas-led design studio

Our story

Simple values, boundless vision

WhiteHype is a design studio established by Matt White and Chris Whitehorn.

The two shared a passion for experimental, trend-led art and paired it with the grit and determination that grew from their days in a boxing gym. Their vision; to produce fresh, boundary-pushing art and ideas that are seen on a world stage.

Now we are a free thinking studio with an old school work ethic. Our drive and personality translate directly into the originality and quality of our work.

Being independent keeps us focused, nimble, and on our toes to continually improve – complacency isn’t an option. We stay focused on perfection, despite it being a forever moving target.

We’re the dedicated team you need in your corner.

An ambient photo of graphic design underway in the WhiteHype studio
An ambient photo of work underway in the WhiteHype studio

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