Under Armour changed the apparel game and have never looked back. We were asked to create a positioning for the launch of their Southampton FC team product that could be used in store and online and support kit sales.

 For a fan, a team shirt is more than just fabric. It represents everything you love about it. The highs, the lows and everything in between. For something that means so much, it would be sacrilege to wear a shirt with so much passion and hope solely on a matchday. Understanding Under Armour’s ethos to make better athletes, we created a position that would power fans to wear their shirt to help them achieve their goals- how big or small they may be. 


Spinning the traditional kit launch with player shots, we used people from all walks of life to showcase the kit in moments of determination and aspiration. Repositioning the kit, we were able to create something more accessible, relatable and aspirational for the customer.

David Henson, MBE performs handstand push ups as part of a photography shoot we carried out for Under Armour
David Agbontohoma of Southampton FC performs a high kick as part of our Under Armour photography shoot
A styled scene of products photographed by us for Under Armour
A styled scene of products photographed by us for Under Armour