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MDL Marinas - Southampton Boat Show 2016

Telling a brand story through design

MDL Marinas have worked hard to be market leaders, and with the largest Marina network in Europe, everything we create for their brand needs to ensure they stay there. The Southampton Boat Show is the biggest Marine industry event in the UK and one of the most important globally, attracting over 100,000 visitors and attracting high net worth individuals from the UK and around the world.

MDL’s presence at the show needed to communicate their brand story in an engaging and creative way to ensure they maximised this important sales platform. We partnered with their team to design an event space, as well as styling and directing a short film which affirmed their position as an industry leader. The stand was highly successful with record footfall and sales enquiries.

As part of our partnership for the Southampton Boat Show, we were also briefed to create two large format graphics. These were to feature as impactful and exciting backdrops, creating a fun and relaxing environment in the main hospitality space.

We created two complementary designs for adjacent walls, both typography based and featuring photo manipulations of a cross section of the ocean. One design (‘Freedom’) was based on the UK’s nautical lifestyle and featured more muted tones. The other design (‘Sant Carles’) communicated a more Mediterranean feel with brighter colours and tropical imagery.


1440 x 720 sizing image
1440 x 720 sizing image

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