Ordnance Survey - Retail Campaigns

Innovative and attention grabbing visuals to support campaigns

We were approached by Ordnance Survey to produce powerful and innovative rich media display advertising assets to make their retail campaigns stand out from the crowd.

Today, more than ever, it is a challenge for marketers to grab the attention of consumers. Rich media helps drive engagement and traffic more effectively than standard static banners, offering better click-through rates and viewability.

We utilised HTML5 technology to design eye-catching and engaging web banners which were served across advertising networks and affiliates as well as featuring on the Ordnance Survey website. These were supported by animated social media content to maximise campaign reach. 

For the ‘3 Maps for £20’ campaign, we paired custom illustrated outdoor scenes with bold brand colours, referencing the maps themselves. With dynamic transitions between product types, these assets helped deliver a memorable campaign which recorded best ever sales figures.

The Summer campaign took another step forward in design with a video background providing the pull to audiences. Following the ‘See it for real’ messaging of the campaign, we used panning scenes of the beautiful British outdoors as the feature of the banners, with a subtle framing motion.

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