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Southampton FC - Wembley EFL Cup Final

Design to motivate and inspire

In February 2017, Southampton Football Club was gearing up for the EFL Cup Final at Wembley Stadium, playing Manchester United. This was to be their first Wembley final since winning the JP Trophy in 2010, and they approached it powerfully with a run of unbeaten matches.

We created a series of large-scale graphics that were displayed around Wembley Stadium – in the changing area, treatment room; warm up room, and in the tunnel. These floor-to-ceiling graphics covered every inch of available space, creating an immersive experience for the players.

Designed to inspire and motivate the team, these graphics included emotive photography from Saints’ previous cup successes, as well as iconic players and goals from the team’s history. We chose imagery to highlight the essence of the team mentality, camaraderie, and bond that has carried them to where they are today.

The photomontage was backed by the club’s iconic red and white stripes, to be in line with current branding, and established club mantras. The language we chose to incorporate was team focused and inclusive, using phrases such as “We will be in that number’, ‘We march on’, ‘Together stronger’. This was in deliberate contrast to Manchester United’s own wording.


Physio room designs for the Southampton FC Wembley EFL Cup Final
Close up of changing room corridor designs for the Southampton FC Wembley EFL Cup Final
1440 x 720 sizing image

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